Pirucreek Prince

Goat, Guernsey, Kid (male) | Light gold

DOB: 3/12/2021 (3 yrs)


HB Pirucreek Jewel

HB Pirucreek Jewel

GuernseyDoe (female)Light Gold
BGS# HB079103DDOB: 1/29/20177 yrs
Of course, we kept this doeling from Pirucreek Trinket! She has impressed us just like her dam! She has a lovely long coat and milks well also! And she just keeps getting better!! Milk Production in Scientific Data.
 BGS# HB079103D Light Gold


Beautiful Guernsey buck available from Pirucreek Jewel. AND you can name him! Why purchase him? His dam, Pirucreek Jewel milked 3,059 pounds in 325 days as a second freshener with 5.07% butterfat, and 3.14% protein!

Updated 4/3/2022