Foundation Nubian Goats

Doe (female)

NubianDoe (female)Brown; white cap; black dorsal | ADGA# N16763727 yrs 

Production: 2016: 260 days: 1420# Milk, 5.6%BF (79#), 3.7%protein (52#) 2017: 279 days: 1833# Milk, 5.6%BF (103#), 4.1% protein (75#) 2018: (Aborted at 140 days) 157 days: 695# Milk, 5.5% ...

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NubianDoe (female)Black; brown facial stripes | ADGA# N20220902 yrs 

In 2020 she milked 2102 pounds in 305 days...

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NubianDoe (female)Brown; white cap; black dorsal | ADGA# N17718015 yrs 

Hayel has earned her milking star and her Superior Genetics designation. She has a wonderful high, wide udder. Production: 2017: 290 days, 1484 pounds milk, 5.5% butterfat (82 pounds), 4.1% pr...

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NubianDoe (female)Brown; white cap; black dorsal | ADGA# N18520704 yrs 

Milk Production in Scientific Data. 2019: Juniper was milked up to 30 days before kidding with a single doe and didn't come into milk. 2020 She had three kids and milked around 3051 pounds...

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Buck (male)

NubianBuck (male)Red; white poll, snip, flag | ADGA# N19403103 yrs

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