Foundation Guernsey Goats - Does

Doe (female)

GuernseyDoe (female)Light Gold | BGS# HB079103D5 yrs 

Of course, we kept this doeling from Pirucreek Trinket! She has impressed us just like her dam! She has a lovely long coat and milks well also! And she just keeps getting better!! Milk Producti...

Not for Sale
GuernseyDoe (female)Medium Gold | BGS# HB079589D3 yrs 

Not for Sale
GuernseyDoe (female)Mid Gold | BGS# HB078109D7 yrs 

Trinket has been the sleeper in our Guernsey herd. She doesn't milk as much as some others, but at the end of the year her production has been steady and final numbers show she is not a flash in the ...

Not for Sale